HUGE cat enclosure in Ohio!

Carmen writes--
"It’s the best thing I ever could have done for my cats. They spend so much time out there enjoying the world the way they should but in a safe way. The only down fall is I do a lot more house cleaning. LOL! They drag dirt and mulch in all the time. And of course the occasional cricket. LOL! Thanks so much for having such a great website and inspiring me. You and Joe’s catarium really helped me decide what we wanted to do. And I hope some day I can get a website up like yours for the catarium, to inspire people the way yours inspired me. Thanks Again!"

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Here are more videos that she posted in her photobucket account--

Gizzy and the butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 1: Katrina and then Poofie checking out the yard.
Stalking in the bushes!
Gizzy Stalking big bad buggies!
Log play!
Few weeks later: The scratching posts
Meow (white) and Gizzy on ladder
Gizzy on ladder

The Famous Catarium in Pictures!

A few people have written me and Joe about our Catarium. I haven't taken new photos in a while but here are pics from Janary that include various angles. Nona (Nebelung), Joe (my human sweetie), Chelsea (black), and Virgil (black & white) all appear in these photos.

Click on any photo and you'll be sent to my photos page -there you can use arrows to view each or use the slider on right to look at them out of order. (By the way, this photo page is made with one of the free photo hosting services I recommend to friends and family -

--Enjoy! Nerissa

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Dusty, The Nebelung Cat

Below is a short video made from photos and email I received. It's from a reader of this blog who prefers to remain anonymous for personal reasons. Fine with us, right?! Readers just like seeing other Nebelungs in videos! And as always feel free to email me your photos and videos if you want them added to this video blog.

Salt Lamp Dreams

I caught Nona sleeping soundly face to face with the salt lamp again! She really likes the warmth!

(click image to watch the video)

Nebelung Nona Plays Catch!

Remember when I mentioned Nona like to play tag, hide and seek, and catch? Well, here she is playing catch --caught on camera, finally. We like to play in -- our bathtub. We have a bathtub with a seat and she sits it the seat and let's me toss her the ball. She will then drop the ball in the tub and I scoop it up to toss it again. Some of you will be interested to know that the ball we prefer to play with is a PetSmart ball with beads inside. It's like a colorful, noisy, smooth plastic ping pong ball.
--Enjoy! Nerissa

(click image to watch the video)

Sleepy Nebelung Likes Warm Salt

This video is 20 seconds and is showing Nona who sleeps with her head resting against our warm salt lamp. My love, Joe, narrates to us but he's being so quiet it's hard to hear him. He's saying "Look, she was just sleeping with her face against the lamp!"
-- Nerissa

Nebelungs on Google

Here are Nebelung pics that anyone can find using Google's image search. I put them together and added music to make a complete video. The song I added is called "My Cat" by The Waxing Gibbous.

Click on the thumbnail pic to watch. And if you like it, please click on the ad at the end (clicking on video ads is the new way of clapping online.)

Feel free to email me YOUR pictures and video clips of your Nebelung(s). It will be fun to share them withe the world and on this blog!


P.S. - Headbutting is a cat thing.

P.S.S. - You can also share my videos on your blog or website by using the html code found underneath the video.

When I Discovered Nebelungs

It was one year ago, Christmas 2004, that I received a deck of playing cards from my sister-in-law. The deck came in a cute green oval container with rubber cat ears, eyes and tail. As much as I enjoyed the unique card case, I enjoyed the cards even more! Each card contained a wonderful portrait of a cat breed. Several cards contained cat breeds I had never heard of!

nebelung card And you can guess that I saw one that looked exactly like Nona! I was floored! Just look for yourself--the card is darn near a portrait of Nona! I knew my Nona was special but I had no idea she was a pure breed.

Nona looked just like a Nebelung breed. I had never heard of that breed. But of course I was curious. I got online and searched for information about Nebelungs. I was floored again--Nebelung traits matched my Nona!

I took it upon myself to contact Cora Cobb and after sharing several photos and emailing back and forth, Cora said that it appeared to be that I had myself a Nebelung from an early line of Nebelung. (Earlier lines of Nebelungs commonly had eyes that were more green-yellow in color rather than the newer green-green color.)
So, now you know how I discovered that I had a Nebelung. One day, I'll share with you how Nona came to live at our house.

Happy New Year!