Mewvies for Nebelungs!

Click to watch cat videos that entertain your cat! It is such a simple yet effective "toy" for you cat - I love it! We recently bought a large plasma TV which has a soft screen so we can not buy these "mewvies" for our critters. I have watched our kitties go nuts over Hi Def programs. Buyers beware!! ;- )
- Nerissa

Excited Nebelung in Catarium

Here is a video of Nona in our catarium (a very large outdoor enclosure.) She is excited I came to visit and photograph her in the catarium. You can see how she's rubbing and rolling around. You can see Nona has her winter coat and is slightly chubby. She weighs 8 pounds and is the smallest cat in our house.

SIDE NOTE: I was sick in bed recently and Nona laid beside me all day. Normally our bully cat is in that bed, but Nona curled with the both of us and told our bully cat to stay away every time he tried to inch closer. She braved her biggest threat just to be near her mom.


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Nebelung (NAY-bel-ung)

I found a great write up on Animal Planet ( about Nebelungs.

Since Discovery left the Nebelung charateristics marked "N/A", I have written in my own answers below based on my experience with Nona. But first let me say that I have loved many cats and currently have 6 cats. But Nona is just an extra special cat.

(Click image to play or share video)

Activity Level:
Normal. Follows you around house. Plays when prompted.

Very gentle playfulness. Loves to play tag. Loves to dive under covers to get her target--but only during play, never while I sleep. String is her favorite toy. Enjoys taking turns swatting a pingpong ball in tub. Loves catching ping pong ball when I toss to her. (Get it? She loves playing catch and tag with me. Not your normal cat.)

Need for Attention:
This is a tough one. Yes and No. She's almost always near me, but does not demand my attention. I do acknowledge her verbally as she walks with me from room to room. If she wants held she asks me and waits for my invitation.

Affection toward it's owners:
Yes. Likes being held, played with, brushed and talked to. Loyal is more appropriate. When she loves you, your family. I suspect Nona would attack anything that was hurting me. She isn't fond of Virgil (another indoor cat of mine) but runs to his aide when he gets cornered by the bully cat.

Very danty voice. Has a large vocabulary. Purrs, merts, twills, and more. She announces her presence before jumping, and when approaching from behind. (Very courteous don't you think?)

Yes, but she could kick your butt and survive without you IF there was no other choice. The outdoors scares her - she's afraid of being locked outside. Nona needs to know she can get back in, on her own will.

Um, yes!

Not aloof, but not needy either. But her love and loyalty is strong. When she adopts you as her family she wants to be with you, period. When she was adapting to us she use to ride and sleep on my shoulders. She greets you at the door when you return home. She follows you from room to room.

Healthiness and Hardiness:

Need for Grooming:
I don't need to groom her, but she does enjoy the soft brushes. (Who wouldn't?)

Compatibility with children:
NO! Nebelungs are for gentle adults who want a devoted family.

Compatibility with other pets:
Nona doesn't seem to like anyone but the humans. For the first two years she was a stealthy dominator. She would act all sweet and lovey then swat them when their defenses were down. Joe and I joked that Nona was secretly plotting to kill the other pets (and Joe) and make it look like an accident. She's adapted to my other pets and even helps rescue Virgil form our bully cat but she'd prefer to be alone with us.

Nebelung Physical Traits (Slideshow)

One can easily see physical traits in Nona that are classic Nebelung. For example, her tail is slightly darker than her body. In certain lighting, reddish tints appear in fur around shoulder area. Shorter hair on her face and feet shimmer more than her longer body hair. Notice the classic pantaloon leg fur (pantaloons are wide britches.) The lighter color of her undercoat.

And of course, her fur is soft soft soft. Her fur is so fine that I feel the loose ones on my face much faster than I could ever see them. And yes, my eyes are 20/20.

Nebelung - The Modern Russian Longhair

Nebelung is a recreation of a past award winning cat breed called Russian Long Hair.

Seigfried and Brunhid were the first registered Nebelungs. Cora Cobb in El Paso, Texas breed them and the Nebelungs produced their first litter in 1986.

Read the entire history of Nebelungs as told by Cora Cobb here -- (click "history")

and here--


Nebelung in German means "creature of the mist." Nebelungs have long super fine hair that shimmers a silvery blue with every movement. Kind of like a 'misty blue' - get it? ;-) Modern Nebelung eyes are vibrant green but can glow golden and bright in the sunlit afternoons.

When I first saw my Nona, she was the shiniest cat I had ever seen. Glistening silver movements in the bright sunlight. And her eyes may as well have been little gold buttons, so round and bright. I had never seen eyes so close to actual gold before. When you look close you can actually see the tiny flakes of green and yellow so delicately evenly scattered by her creator.