Nona will be on CATS 101 for personal story of a Nebelung

Animal Planet did indeed record Nona, our Catarium, Joe and myself for a segment on Nebelungs for their TV series, CATS 101! The show with Nona is expected to air late August 2010, or early September 2010.


The picture posted is me being interviewed by the producer. Fun!

Nona did indeed have to perform. She had to appear in the guest bathroom where she lived for the first three months in her new home. She was feral when we saved her from animal control in late 2001.

Nona also had to show the producer how she navigates the Catarium, running along the ramps, the overhead cat walk, and the cat door. Nona also shows how she eats shrimp and crunchies.

Nona even demonstrated how she hides under the bed when scared and surrounded by a camera crew- but I bet that won't make it in the show ;-)

Nerissa Oden