Nona The Nebelung Gets Well Deserved Attention

Nona has been a little deprived of our attention lately. We recently lost our beloved Chelsea two weeks ago. She woke one day and couldn't use one of her rear legs very well. Chiropractic and acupuncture helped for a little while but eventually her condition (and whatever had caused it) wore her out.

We came back from an overseas trip last week and to everyone's surprise Virgil couldn't walk at all our fourth day home! Needless to say he's gotten all our attention for past four days. Virgil is walking again but the vet has no known cause for that sudden condition. I suspect supplements- but that's another story for another time.

Healthy Nona hasn't been our focus, until today. I grabbed my camera and my cell phone and made her feel like a star! In the pics you can see clearly the red areas of fur, the fur crimping that occurs when her fur is damp (it is very humid outside), her fluffy pantaloom butt, and her two tone coat that is very light the closer to her skin. Visit the link or click the image below:

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