HUGE cat enclosure in Ohio!

Carmen writes--
"It’s the best thing I ever could have done for my cats. They spend so much time out there enjoying the world the way they should but in a safe way. The only down fall is I do a lot more house cleaning. LOL! They drag dirt and mulch in all the time. And of course the occasional cricket. LOL! Thanks so much for having such a great website and inspiring me. You and Joe’s catarium really helped me decide what we wanted to do. And I hope some day I can get a website up like yours for the catarium, to inspire people the way yours inspired me. Thanks Again!"

Banner image.

Here are more videos that she posted in her photobucket account--

Gizzy and the butterfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 1: Katrina and then Poofie checking out the yard.
Stalking in the bushes!
Gizzy Stalking big bad buggies!
Log play!
Few weeks later: The scratching posts
Meow (white) and Gizzy on ladder
Gizzy on ladder