When I Discovered Nebelungs

It was one year ago, Christmas 2004, that I received a deck of playing cards from my sister-in-law. The deck came in a cute green oval container with rubber cat ears, eyes and tail. As much as I enjoyed the unique card case, I enjoyed the cards even more! Each card contained a wonderful portrait of a cat breed. Several cards contained cat breeds I had never heard of!

nebelung card And you can guess that I saw one that looked exactly like Nona! I was floored! Just look for yourself--the card is darn near a portrait of Nona! I knew my Nona was special but I had no idea she was a pure breed.

Nona looked just like a Nebelung breed. I had never heard of that breed. But of course I was curious. I got online and searched for information about Nebelungs. I was floored again--Nebelung traits matched my Nona!

I took it upon myself to contact Cora Cobb and after sharing several photos and emailing back and forth, Cora said that it appeared to be that I had myself a Nebelung from an early line of Nebelung. (Earlier lines of Nebelungs commonly had eyes that were more green-yellow in color rather than the newer green-green color.)
So, now you know how I discovered that I had a Nebelung. One day, I'll share with you how Nona came to live at our house.

Happy New Year!