Nebelungs on Cat Nip

I found this cute video on YouTube of three Nebelungs enjoying their catnip.

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  1. Hehe looks so funny when cats are on cat nip

  2. Hi. My name is Pablo, i'm from Chile.
    The other day I watched the Cats 101 episode where they show the Nebelungs. The thing is my cat is identical to the ones on TV. Did a little internet research and my pet is very similar to those online.
    I didn't get my cat from a breeder, just found a house with a "free kittens" sign and there they were. A bunch of gray-haired kittens.
    So, i'm looking for someone to tell me if my cat looks officially like a Nebelung. I know that Nebelungs are a rare breed, so the chances are small for my cat to truly be one.
    I don't want to do business, i'm just happy that my cat Poker has a breed!
    I can send you pictures and a link for a youtube video.
    Please let me know if you can help me. You can contact me at my Youtube account.
    Thanks in advance!