Nona will be on CATS 101 for personal story of a Nebelung

Animal Planet did indeed record Nona, our Catarium, Joe and myself for a segment on Nebelungs for their TV series, CATS 101! The show with Nona is expected to air late August 2010, or early September 2010.


The picture posted is me being interviewed by the producer. Fun!

Nona did indeed have to perform. She had to appear in the guest bathroom where she lived for the first three months in her new home. She was feral when we saved her from animal control in late 2001.

Nona also had to show the producer how she navigates the Catarium, running along the ramps, the overhead cat walk, and the cat door. Nona also shows how she eats shrimp and crunchies.

Nona even demonstrated how she hides under the bed when scared and surrounded by a camera crew- but I bet that won't make it in the show ;-)

Nerissa Oden


  1. Very exciting! I look forward to watching!

    We have a cat we're almost 100% sure is a Nebelung (though his personality is a little more aggressive than one would hope from a Nebelung). His name is Pickle and he's got more personality than any cat I've ever had. He's my joy!

    I'd be intrigued to hear what you think by looking at his pics: , and

  2. His eyes are yellow and Nebelungs are green and super green! His fur looks super shiny and blueish so there's very good chance he is at least partial Nebelung!

    Is his fur super fine and soft? Is his tail a darker color? Does he have longer hair on his back legs and rear? Does he follow you from room to room?

  3. Hi Nerissa —

    His fur is incredibly soft - I've never known a cat with such lush, soft fur. There's the silver tipped long furs and the shorter, softer fur beneath. His tail is a little darker and very fluffy! His back legs and around his rear has extremely long fur. We call his back leg fur his "pantaloons" because the fur is so long and dramatic. His also has long fur between toes. Personality wise, he is more like a dog than a cat — follows me everywhere, plays fetch, doesn't want to sit on laps or be held for long and so on.


  4. Pickle's eyes appear more orangeish-yellow without any green, and Nebelungs love being held and you say Pickles doesn't like for long. Even so, Pickle does seem to be mostly Nebelung! Nebelungs follow their closest friend from room to room and are very smart. Only a smart co-dependent cat will play interactive games like fetch, chase and catch. Much love to you both!

  5. Nerissa —

    Thanks for your responses! He's probably not all Nebelung (we adopted him from a shelter when he was a kitten as he had been abandoned in a Petsmart!) as you say. We're still big fans of the breed, though. He's a smart (and often aggressively playful) cat who follows me around everywhere, but doesn't display the sweet, quiet, affectionate side of most Nebelungs.

    We'll be looking for you on Cats 101!


  6. Hello everyone, this is great! I just found out about the Nebelung breed and think my cat is one! I looked at many pictures and it is amazing, many of them look exactly like her.
    She has almost all the characteristics but is quite small however.So she might be a mix. Still, she follows me in every room and loves to be petted. Her fur is amazingly soft and she is the nicest, sweetest cat ever. No matter how upset she is, she never bites or gets aggressive. She is very sensitive and tends to get depressed if she does not like sth. and even throws up at times (due to furballs or depression)

    My husband surprised me with her as a christmas present 3 years ago. I am a native from Germany and when I just read the German history of this cat breed I couldnt believe it. What a coincidence.

  7. I had never heard of this breed before but was always a cat lover, I saw this show on TV which got me to searching.. I too think I may have a kitty that's at least a Nebelung mix of some sort. Pooh was a feral kitten we got when she was probably less than 4 weeks old.. She almost didn't make it but I did everything I could to pull her through. She was grey but lost ALL of her hair when she was sick as a baby.. it grew back WHITE but over the years got dark again.. She is now 11 yrs old, follows me everywhere or sometimes hides all day until bedtime, then POOF she's there on the bed with me.
    She loves to dig head first in her bowl of cat toys and she doesn't really Meow, its more of a HMMM? sound, so cute! The fur on her legs and belly is so long that I always call her a Llama! Pooh's a llama! I feel so happy to have heard of this breed, and I really feel its who she is.

    Cindy ~ Pooh's mama

  8. My cat Niko is a Nebulung! I adopted him from the SPCA where his original owner sent him as she was in her 80's and couldnt take care of him any more!

    My vet told me what breed he was and Niko is the most loving cat I have ever had! He always wants to be with me and follows me around my home all the time! He has the most beautiful fur of a bluish grey that is thick and needs to be brushed every day as he sheds some fur! I am very lucky to have my Niko as we love each other very much!